Tennis Racket Stringing in Farnham, Surrey

We provide tennis racket stringing for all tennis rackets, and for players of any level. Did you know one of the causes of tennis elbow is old, dead strings? Over time, strings become stiff and lose elasticity, transmitting the shock to the muscles and tendons in your arm. Ouch! yes and this can all be helped by making sure you restring your racket frequently. To help your tennis elbow, maybe look at changing to a softer, synthetic gut or multifilament. This will help absorb the shock on impact, this is especially important in winter when strings become stiffer. We can advise on the best string and tension for you throughout the year – ideally, you need different string tensions, and maybe even strings, in the summer and winter.

Tennis Racket Customisation Service

If you find your tennis racket too light, we can add weight without affecting the balance, or maybe you want a higher swing weight? If you think your tennis racket isn’t quite right we can customise your tennis racket to add weight, and even change the swing weight to match another brand of racket. Or, you may have several tennis rackets, and think ” this tennis racket just doesn’t feel like the rest”. It’s quite common to have a little variation between tennis rackets, but we can try to match this up as much as possible for you so you will no longer have a racket that feels different to the rest.

Tennis Racket Servicing

If you have an old favourite tennis racket you want to bring back to life, we can advise you on a range of options to carry out this service. Alternatively, if you are looking at purchasing a new tennis racket, we can help you narrow the choices down to a few rackets, which best suits your game.

Tennis Racket Stringing cost

Prices for restringing starts from £15 (£12 if you provide your own string)

We stock a range of Polyester, Synthetic Gut and Natural Gut strings, or you can provide your own.

Now just get in touch…

Contact William on 07934 730617 for all enquiries regarding restringing, grips and any customisation of rackets. We can order in anything needed that we don’t stock to suit your requirements.

Or you could just message through the contact page

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